ANTARI DarkFX Strip 1020 | 4719850658205

The Antari DarkFX Strip 1020 is an efficient high-output and low-power consumption UV LED bar that delivers a peak wavelength of 365 nm and radiant flux output of 9000 mW at full intensity with minimum visible light. This ensures all UV-reactive materials reflect perfectly with stunningly bright and vivid colors. Equipped with 12 x 1.9 W high-power UV LEDs, it features a 40° beam angle, flicker-free operation and special optics to prevent wear degradation from high UV exposure. This IP20-rated LED bar has been designed for indoor use only and comes with an aluminium housing with an adjustable bracket for versatile mounting options. The Antari DarkFX Drive 4 or Drive 4 MKII fixture driver (sold separately) is required for power and DMX control.PRO UV bar with 12 x 1.9 W UV LED, deep UV wavelength (365 nM)High-efficiency UV LEDPeak wavelength at 365 nmMinimum visible lightHigh output at full intensitySpecial optics will not degrade due to high UV exposurePower supply and DMX control via optional Antari DarkFX Drive 4 MK2 fixture driverPower/data bare wireLED: 12 x high-power 1,9 W UVControl: with LED controller (not included)Effect: UV

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