DUANE-JR handwired tube amplifier 5W class A "Duane Jr" | DUANE-JR

handwired tube amplifier 5W class A “Duane Jr”, Celestion speaker, orange drop tone capacitorsThe all-tube Duane Jr. is the ideal studio amp. The handwired 5F1 tube circuit has been customised with a tone control to make the amp more versatile. The tones you can get from your Duane Jr. are lively and direct with the tube-typical compression. Very inspiring!Due to the low wattage of 5 watts, this amp can be turned all the way up to achieve the best power tube distortion available. What you put in it, will come back to you. Working the volume and tone controls on your guitar will bring the best tones. The diminuitive size is in contradiction to its tone. In recording situations, the Duane Jr. will get the best tones “on tape”.Now you will know where all the rock legends get their great sound from! Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Duane Allman, Billy Gibbons, all use or used these small amps with 5F1 tube circuits in the studio to get the best sound.The Duane Jr. is a fantastic platform for effectpedals. The respons is great and the original tube tone stands tall after all the alterations from your effectpedals. Standard fitted with a 12AX7 pre-amp tube, the Duane Jr. is most versatile when playing with different pre-amp tubes, like 12AT7, 12AU7 etc, Where the 12AX7 will yield distortion and fuzz-like tones at lower volume settings, the 12AT7, 12AY7 and 12AU7 tubes will all yield cleaner tones. All sounding very musical and letting you optimise your guitar-amp combination. You wil notice that the Duane Jr. will become your favorite amp for studio and practise use.Full tube amp with a turret board hand-wired circuit with Orange Drop capacitors.SpecificationsRectifier tube : 1 x 6Z4Power tube : 1 x 6V6Pre-amp tube : 1 x 12AX7Output : 5 WattsSpeaker : 1 x 8″ Celestion Eight 15Width : 33 cmHeight : 34,8 cmDepth : 19 cmWeight : 8,7 kg

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