EUROLITE LED PARty Hybrid Spot | 4026397651911

LED effect light with RGB LEDs and stroboscope18 cold white 0.5 W LEDs for dynamic strobe effects3 high-power 3 W 3in1 LEDs for RGB color mixingAuto, music, and DMX mode3 built-in auto show programsStepless RGB color blend, color change, color fade, dimmer and strobe effectIndividual control of all RGB and strobe LEDs for use as RGB spotlight or stroboscopeAddressing and setting via control panel with 4-digit LED displaySound-control via built-in microphone with adjustable microphone sensitivityDMX512 control possible via any commercial DMX controllerSwivel mounting bracketAdditional bracket for floor useLED: Spot 18 x SMD 5730 0,5 W CWLED: Strobe effect 18 x high-power 3 W 3in1 TCL RGB (homogenous color mix)Power connection: Fixed Power supply cord with Euro plug (M)Control: Stand-alone; Sound to light; DMXEffect: Strobe effect

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