EUROLITE Set 10x LED PT-100 DMX Pixel Tube + MADRIX NEO – USB-DMX512-Interface | 4026397422023

51860350 MADRIX NEO – USB DMX512 interfaceMADRIX NEO is an easy to use and effective DMX512 USB interface. This DMX512 interface includes already a MADRIX 3 software license for 512 DMX channels. You can use this interface to send or receive DMX512 using MADRIX. MADRIX NEO comes in a robust enclosure made of light metal – ideal for the use on stages.51928603 EUROLITE LED PT-100 DMX Pixel TubeDMX-controllable pixel tubeTube with 144 LEDs: 48 x red, 48 x green, 48 x blueSubdivided into 16 pixels (illumination units à 9 LEDs) which can be controlled individually by DMXCan be cascaded as desired in order to build-up large effect areasOperable in stand-alone mode or via DMX interfaceDMX-512-connection via 5-pin XLR socket and plugSound-control via built-in microphoneMaster/Slave for parallel operation of several devicesComfortable addressing and setting via control panel with LED display and four operating buttonsFunctions: static colors, automatic color change, seven internal programs with variable speed, dimmer settings via DMXAdjustable white balancePlastic housing with brackets for hanging as well as standing installation indoorsIEC terminals for power linking up to 8 unitsSwitch-mode power supply for operation between 100 and 240 voltsControl: Stand-alone; Sound to light via Microphone; DMX51860350 MADRIX NEO – USB DMX512 interfaceMADRIX USB/DMX interface to issue a DMX universe over XLRMADRIX NEO is a reliable, easy-to-use, and high-quality DMX512 USB hardware interface including MADRIX software for LED control and MADRIX 3 software licenseThe interface can be used for DMX input or DMX output to connect DMX512 devices to your computerThe device allows you to control 512 DMX channels by sending or receiving data using MADRIX softwareThe MADRIX software license for 512 DMX channels per device is already included and automatically activated when connected to MADRIXMADRIX NEO can be easily connected to your computer using the USB portFeatures a 5-pin, female NEUTRIK XLR portIf you want to use DMX-IN, please use a 5-pin XLR male to 5-pin XLR male gender changerFull USB 2.0 support, Power over USB, Hot Swapping, and Plug & PlayMultiple devices can be used together without problemsSolid metal enclosure with eye-catching designMADRIX is a powerful, easy-to-use, and award-winning LED lighting control softwareAllows you to realize all kinds of different LED projects and lighting designsA normal PC/laptop can be used for professional LED controlAllows mapping in 2D (pixel mapping) as well as real, spatial 3D (voxel mapping)The software generates unique effects, visuals, and animations live and in real timeNo additional content is requiredAlready includes a multitude of stock effects that are fully customizable (in speed, color, shape, direction, size, movement, position, brightness, etc.)Analyzes incoming audio signals Sound2Light and Music2Light in real timeNew lighting scenes can easily be created in secondsVariety of options to combine visuals and graphical elements (layers, mix modes, filters, etc.)256 x 256 Storage Places to organize and store effectsDJ-like operation with 2 decks (Left/Right) and a crossfader3 real-time previews to show your visual effects in advance (incl. 2D/3D, zoom, rotation)Controls up to 4 color channels per pixel/voxel (e.g. 1-channel, 2-channel, RGB, RGBW fixtures)Freely configurable Cue List for automated playback of a show (incl. time, date, duration, etc.)Supports Time Code from Art-Net, MIDI, SMPTE, and system timeRemote control available via DMX-IN, Art-Net Remote, MIDI-IN, HTTP (internet browser), CITPAccompanying Fixture Editor provided including large fixture libraryIncludes various other tools and features (DMX Fader Tool, DMX Watcher, Matrix Generator, Patch Editor, Touch Screen window, backup system, scripting, mapping, scaling, etc.)MADRIX minimum system requirements: 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU, OpenGL 2.0 graphics card (NVIDIA recommended), 2 GB RAM, 1 GB free harddisk space, 1280 x 768 screen resolution, network card, sound card, USB 2.0MADRIX supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows Vista

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