Galli BSN-900 Synthesis 3/4 scale double bass set | BSN-900

3/4 scale double bass set, synthetic core and chrome flatwound, medium, PizzicatoSynthesis Double Bass strings BSN900-Synthetic & Chrome are made with a chrome flat wound on a synthetic core.The BSN900 strings capture the rich tone of gut and the sustain of steel, but without the headaches of gut and the overly metallic sound of chrome steel. The sound is soft, clear with a stable intonation and they are rich in overtones. Ideal for Jazz and Pizzicato.Instrument Double Bass ¾ – 104-106 cm / 41-41,7”Specifications:G: .060 / 1,52mm – 65,91Lbs / 28,76KgD: .073 / 1,86mm – 65,91Lbs / 29,93KgA: .088 / 2,24mm – 65,14Lbs / 29,61KgE: .117 / 2,97mm – 63,51Lbs / 28,84Kg

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